Generative and Interactive Music

All of the following examples were composed using the p5.js web editor.

Automatic Writing*^ Write the first thought that comes to your head to make music [code]

Four Chord* The only instrument on which the composition 33, null can be played [code]

Sound Over Time Mapping the amplitude and frequency of a series of oscillators to the hour, minute, and second of the day, I composed a piece of music that is exactly 24 hours long [code]

18 Oscillators for 180,000 Milliseconds Mathematically derived microtonality, inspired by James Tenney’s For Ann, Rising [code]

1+1=3 WebSynth Designed for live performance with Clive Davis School singer/songwriter for the 1+1=3 concert series [code]

Sacred Markov Oscillators Click the mouse and four oscillators cycle through a Markov chain of tones based on the Sacred Harp songbook [code]

Hillbilly Web Audio Inspired by Henry Flynt’s Hillbilly Tape Music, a fiddle loop warps at two different speeds as you draw lines connecting dots on the canvas [code]

Listen2me A web audio rendition of plunderphonic synth-pop duo Mi@mi’s “Listen 2 Me” using p5.speech [code]

Let It Go 3 An improvised rendition of a song I wrote in 2009 warped through two different playback algorithms based on mouse position [code]

Three Sliders Three synthesizers cycle through pentatonic note patterns at various speeds controlled by sliders [code]

Phasing 1 Out-of-phase loops create an ever-changing cascade of tones [code]

Mic Shaper Click and drag to play a synthesizer, and make sound into the computer’s microphone to distort it [code]

Rithm 1 Gently randomized percussive soundscape [code]

*Presented at the 2018 Web Audio Conference in Berlin

^Presented at the 2018 Liminal Instruments Showcase in New York